Francisca’s Family

Mexico: Tijuana
April 2017

Francisca is 15 and lives in Tijuana Mexico. She moved back here with her family from the United States more than a year ago. She took these pictures in April 2017.

This was my grandmother’s house. When my grandmother passed away my mum crossed over with my sister, without thinking. Then she could not come back. The rest of us stayed half a year in the US to finish the school year, then we all moved. The good thing is we no longer have to pay rent. We are going to remodel the house. We are going to cut down that avocado tree, it brings mosquitoes, and remove the fence and put on a second floor. I share with my sister now, but then I will have my own room.

Our House, by Francisca

This is my dad. We get on really well. In the US he  had a truck and he used to sell stuff.  He was looking for a similar job here, but his truck got stolen and many of the jobs were just for people 18 to 35. But then my uncle got him a taxi. Now he drives a big taxi. In the picture he is checking to see if it is clean because he likes to keep it very clean.

Photo of Francisca's father
Father, by Francisca

This is my Mum. She is a good cook. Unfortunately when she came here, she had not finished high school so she could not get a lot of jobs, so she was a house mum. Then she got a job as a cleaner and she is really good and is going to be promoted. But some of her workmates don’t work very hard and they are jealous of her because she does good work. They were trying to get her fired, but instead she is being promoted!

Mother, by Francisca

These are my brothers and sister. We are listening to music and playing. They are amazing. The little brother likes playing guitar a lot so we always have to listen. My other brother likes soccer and so he kicks a ball against the wall a lot and it can be annoying. My sister puts on lots of music. Of course I love them. They are always going to be here.

Brothers and sister, by Francisca

This is a funny picture of all of us, my brother is fooling around. We always sit down and eat together everyday. My dad says some families don’t but we are very close. There are times when the house is really dirty and dad says if it is not clean in 15 minutes, no pocket money. So we rush around to clean it.

Family, by Francisca