Alexandra’s Picture Story

Alexandra is 13 years old. She had been living in Tijuana, Mexico for two weeks when she  told me this story in April 2017 I was born in Phoenix Arizona. I loved how hot the weather was. I remember going to swap...

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Francisca’s Family

Francisca is 15 and lives in Tijuana Mexico. She moved back here with her family from the United States more than a year ago. She took these pictures in April 2017. This was my grandmother’s house. When my grandmother passed away my...

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Emma’s Picture Story

Emma is 13 and  returned to Mexico from the US more than 2 years ago. She took these pictures of her life in Tijuana in April 2017 This picture is of my school. I like the picture because of the way the...

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Kefrem’s Hopes and Dreams

Kefrem is 14 years old and escaped from El Salvador a few months ago when gangs threatened to kill him and his parents. They live in Tijuana, Mexico, where he told me this story in April 2017. We lived in a medium...

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Moving and Remembering, by Noah

Noah is 15 years old and moved back to Tijuana, Mexico last year after his father’s work visa was not renewed. Here he shows pictures of both his old and new life. This is what it was like when I first went...

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